Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Turtle Mountain Brewing Company, Rio Rancho, NM

Turtle Mountain, sometimes called "The Turtle" has been Rio Rancho's neighborhood brewpub since 1999 - and that's how the Turtle Mountain website begins their story. Any reference to turtles always brings to mind the story of The Turtle and the Hare, and makes me think of a life in slow motion, but there is nothing slow moving about this favorite gathering place. The Turtle was hopping, so I kept looking for "The Hare!"

Tonight Turtle Mountain's website story was experienced by 34 friends who gathered around lawn tables on the Turtle's patio to share pizza, drinks and conversation. Great atmosphere, friendly staff, the BEST pizza, great brew and lots of TV's to watch whatever game you choose.

The most frustrating part of The Turtle is deciding what to eat. Between calzones and pizza, burgers and sandwiches, fish and chips or steaks, it's a tough call. Maybe that's where things slow down in this active restaurant, when customers are trying to make up their minds.

A MUST try is the Adam Bomb pizza, a tasty combination of mozzarella, pepperoni, green chili, Italian sausage, spinach, pine nuts and special sauce (lettuce, meat, pickles,, just kidding).

This amazing thin crusted pizza doesn't bomb, it is LIKE a bomb. It fires up your mouth as if it exploded against your tongue. Those green chilis are HOT. There may be an ulterior motive beyond simply serving something so good it's a standard for repeat customers, The Turtle owners may have found the perfect encouragement to move customers to order more beer! Something needs to wash down the ADAM BOMB! Don't miss this place or this pizza.

The Turtle. It's da bomb!

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