Thursday, July 16, 2009

Batty Tickers

He's a redhead too, my new doc; John Batty is his name. Dr. John W. Batty, MD, FACC. He is a cardiologist.

I like him because he is a redhead, but I like him more because he didn't seem too concerned that I was about to check out. Life looks like it's going to continue for awhile longer!

Dr. John Batty has been practicing medicine for several decades and his patients seem to love him (I just met him, so at this moment I can only comfortably say that I like him). Two men stood and chatted with him for quite some time while I was filling out my paperwork. One had been a patient for over 7 years and looked pretty darn good, the other had been a heart patient of Dr. Batty's for nearly 30 years and looked fantastic.

They were a living testimonial to Dr. Batty. Not only were their tickers still working, but they looked healthy and seemed happy!

But, Dr. Batty seemed happy too which always helps. It's no fun to go visit a grumpy doctor. And I will be seeing the good doctor again in few weeks, after a bit more testing on the ol' ticker (so far so good), and at this point, I am happy about that.

If you are in need of a cardiologist, you can find Dr. John W. Batty, MD, FACC on the Second Floor at 715 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. in Albuquerque. His office number is 505-248-1800.

Dr. Batty has a website, but I am not going to link to it because all of the information is inaccurate. I mentioned the need for updating and offered marketing services while propped on the exam table; I am certain he thought I was nuts, but he nodded his head in agreement. It appears his business cards need updating too, they say he is on the First Floor - but I can assure you that he is not!

Ah well, as long as my ticker keeps ticking I don't care what floor he is on or if he does think I am nuts.

After all, I think he's Batty and we're both redheads.

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