Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Solo Club, Albuquerque, NM

I remember when some neighbors of ours in California used to leave on Friday nights to go dancing at "the club". This was not wild and crazy teenage dancing; this was old folks dancing to me - the waltz, the cha-cha and square dancing.

Tonight I joined my friends at "The Club" in Albuquerque and let me tell you...there was not an old folk in the house, at least not on the dance floor. These people (40 - 80 years old) were rocking the house. They could do the Electric Slide, they could cha-cha, they could twist, they could rumba, they could waltz, they could two-step, and this being New Mexico, they could salsa!
The Solo Club on Candelaria was packed and nobody cared. The only thing we cared about was the heat - no a/c and a bunch of "more mature" dancers cuttin' the rug for 4 hours was almost a deal killer, but we were a tough bunch and nothing stopped us.

For over 45 years the Solo Club has been a social club for single adults. With a large dance floor, live music, lots of dance partners and a cute bartender, this place packs 'em in.

With few exceptions, everyone hit the dance floor at least once, even hard core bikers in Hawaiian shirts who claimed they couldn't dance (the softies, all that leather is just for show).

The people are friendly, happy to be out and about, and pretty darn good dancers with more energy than you might expect.

The band tonight was Juntos Unidos and they were fabulous. Established just over 10 years ago, Juntos Unidos plays music from every genre. They had people dancing the waltz and the twist and then the salsa and then the two-step. They were non-stop energy and GREAT music.

This is a fun place for the 40+ crowd. Check it out and don't forget your dancin' shoes.

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