Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Enchantment Ballroom, Albuquerque, NM

Well, it's official. I am entering the golden years. Why is this suddenly apparent? What happened to make me just randomly come to that conclusion?

Two words: dance lessons. And the kicker: BALLROOM dance lessons. Yes, it's true. I have started ballroom dance lessons. Stranger things have happened, but not many.

Tonight I spent an hour with about 15 other folks at the Enchantment Ballroom - looking into mirrors on all sides and trying not to step on my partner's toes or trip and take us both down.

It was mind-boggling. Quick, quick, slow, quick quick, slow....that part's fairly easy, but in what direction? To the side, forward, backward? And with which foot? Lead with the right, or the left. Step forward first, or back? Toe or heel? And what does she mean that I am not supposed to lead, sheesh, isn't this the 21st century?

Obviously, I have some work to do before next week's class. :)

Now, having spent the first four paragraphs on my ineptness on the dance floor, I will talk a bit about what happened tonight.

The Enchantment Ballroom is an independently owned dance studio on San Pedro in Albuquerque, basically located across from the fairgrounds. The dance floor is large (and I already mentioned the 'eternity' mirrors) and everyone looked happy (and serious) about being there. The studio specializes in Ballroom, Latin and Country Western dancing. Tonight we learned the box step, the promenade, and how to mix those up a bit. We "danced" (and I use that word very loosely) the rumba and the fox trot. It was a lot of fun. And to be fair, my fellow dancers were a wide span of ages which made it quite fun.

Our instructor, Sharon, is one of the several professional dance instructors at the studio (with over 100 years combined experience) and she was very good. We all traded partners throughout the one hour class, rotating counter clockwise through the room, each having a turn with Sharon (the women outnumbered the men by one, of course).

And wow, what a difference when you were dancing with Sharon. She is not only a wonderful dancer, but she knows the men's steps too and leads better than any of the men. Of course, she has been dancing for decades and they are in a beginner's ballroom class, not sure what I expected EXCEPT that she would be the best!

I love to dance and have always wanted to take lessons so that I will know the basics. I am just like their typical customer (as described on their website) who wants to learn to dance for one of a variety of typical reasons: to dance at a wedding, going on a cruise, something new to do, hobby, an activity you can do with your partner, special party soon, exercise, and want to dance with the stars.

Obviously the last reason is mine. Now I need some sexy dance shoes, but the skimpy dance costume is not happenin. Not yet, anyway. I'm saving that for the cruise.

Come out and do the cha-cha with us! We promise not to step on your toes.

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