Friday, July 10, 2009

Crazy Croc's, Rio Rancho, NM

It's a long haul from the east side where I live, but tonight I made the journey to Crazy Croc's on Unser in Rio Rancho. From what I heard tonight, Crazy Croc's has come a long way from their historical reputation as a very dark biker bar. New owners have gutted the place and redone everything inside and out. With a dance floor, Techno programmable music, 3 pool tables, and a large outdoor patio, Croc's is set up for success.

Unfortunately, tonight - a Friday night - there were not as many people there as we expected. Our group was about 25, and there were several other groups of 4 -6 that wandered in and out during the night, but for most of the evening I don't think there were more than 40 people in a place that could easily accommodate 100.

An interesting tidbit about Croc's is that they do not have a kitchen, but they don't mind if you bring food in, so everyone walks in carrying pizza from their favorite pizza place or munchies from the local supermarket. It's a bit strange and I wonder what the food licensing issues could be, but it's mighty convenient.

It's been 30+years since I was able to really use my geometry and hit the balls into the pockets of a pool table, but tonight I tried my best and actually pulled of a handful of GREAT shots. Of course, there were dozens of really BAD shots as well.

Crazy Croc's has the opportunity to be a great weekend venue, but they need to notch it up a bit to really be competitive. It's worth the drive so I will go back and I have no doubt that I will improve my game and double my GREAT shots at the pool tables. I can't help but get better; after all, I did get an A in geometry in 9th grade.

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