Monday, July 27, 2009

23rd Contemporary Hispanic Market, The Burrito Company, Santa Fe, NM

I headed north on Sunday and spent the day in Santa Fe. I love that place.

The 23rd Contemporary Hispanic Market (art festival) was in its second and final day and I managed to walk the whole thing. This event is the largest annual contemporary hispanic art event in the nation and is held in Santa Fe's historic downtown plaza.
The market vendors share artwork that is unique and amazing, althought the artists were sweating buckets - and not from a lack of sales. New Mexico is having record temperatures this summer (of course, since it's my first summer here), and we are all feeling it. Sleeveless blouses, sandals and capri's, shorts or skirts are the only option. I am gonna get to be a hippie yet. Although cowboy hats were not something hippie's typically wore, and I was wearing mine on Sunday so I guess I looked like a hippie cowgirl or something.

A delicious vegetarian burrito from The Burrito Company ended my day perfectly; located just off the plaza on Washington Avenue, my linner (lunch and dinner) was a whopping $4 and change. I will definitely mark my calendar for the Market next year, it's always in late July, so I can start saving money right now so that I can increase my southwest art collection. I plan to be there in 2010, to buy art and more art and to have another burrito too; if I am careful with my art purchases I should be able to afford the 4 bucks and change for another delicious linner.

But in case you can't wait that long (and I probably can't), there is also a 9th Annual Contemporary Hispanic Winter Market 0n November 27 & 28 this year. It will be held at El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe. For information call: 505-296-2749.

See you next year at the Plaza! (I'll be the one in peasant blouse, daisy chain, sandals and cowboy hat.)

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