Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ned's On The Rio Grande, Albuquerque, NM

It's not really a photo op venue, I think it's more "a place filled with characters" than a place with character, but what can you say about a place where the environment makes everyone feel welcome and you can get $2 tacos and enchiladas on Tuesdays? I guess you could add that drinks are $2 on Tuesdays too, for those that are interested. ;)

And interesting it was. Tonight I joined friends for Two Buck Night at Ned's. We met right after work and were home before 8 PM and paid for our dinners with (basically) pocket change. My chicken tacos were delicious and the enchiladas have been rated in Albuquerque Magazine as the "Best Tuesday Enchiladas" in the city.

You just can't beat that. Ned's is a winner - literally. Voted BEST DIVE, BEST SANDWICHES and BEST HAPPY HOUR, along with the BEST TUESDAY ENCHILADAS, Ned's is a happening place.

Add an outdoor patio, spraying misters, a collection of folks from every walk of life, cheap drinks and a great staff, and you have yourself a mega-winner, an obvious fact when you pull into the full parking lot and walk by the long line of perfectly positioned Harley's (and etc.) that are parked along the length of the patio wall.

Becky was our waitress and I am not exaggerating when I say that she carried an order from an adjacent table in her head, while clutching 7 empty bottles which she had retrieved from that table AND made change for four checks at our table - right from her apron, all at the same time, without a pause and 100% in control. We gave her a great tip.

And here's a tip for you: Ned's on the Rio Grande. A great place on Tuesday night...and Monday, Thursday, Saturday....

You get the picture.

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