Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Return of the Dreds

It sounds like a sci-fi thriller, but in reality, The Return of the Dreds may be an action comedy. Tonight is the last Isotope's game with Manny Ramirez, the self-proclaimed baseball icon who is loved by people everywhere in spite of his violation of baseball's drug policies which relegated him from Dodger Stadium to Isotopes Park.

Tonight's Manny Maniacal game is going to be the game of games for many Isotopes fans. I know folks who have tickets, I know folks who want tickets, and I know folks who want to sell tickets.

In pro-Dodger Albuquerque, (yes, the Isotopes are the feeder team to the infamous Dodgers) tonight is a big night, and I (along with most of Q-town) don't plan to miss it. I will be standing somewhere in the stadium, listening to the cheers from the dred-adorned crowd and hoping for just one glimpse of Manny. Maybe he will even hit it out of the ballpark. Now THAT would be the return of the dreds.

As he said, people love him everywhere he goes, and those of us who live in the Q aren't much different. We even change our hairstyles to look like his. Who ever thought a redheaded grandma would wear dyed black dreds? Not me, that's for sure.

It really does promise to be an interesting evening. But considering the innate skills and natural ability of Manny, there's one question still in everyone's mind here in the Q: "Red or Green, Manny?"

Go 'Topes!

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