Friday, June 26, 2009

Calico Cantina Cafe, Albuquerque, NM

CCC takes on an entirely new meaning at the Calico Cantina Cafe. This is not the place for motivated but unemployed young men to hang around hoping for work, this is a neighborhood haunt located on 4th Street in the North Valley. The "Cantina Cafe" is an appropriate name for this lovely restaurant and its outdoor patio, because it is both a cantina and a cafe.

Inside the cafe, couples and families (along with Albuquerque's finest - which is a good sign when you are looking for good food) were eating and conversing at cozy tables. Outside on the patio beneath huge umbrellas, folks were tapping their toes while drinking and eating to live music provided on this particular occasion by Chris Dracup and Tommy Elskes, two amazing musicians on guitar, vocals, and spoons (yes, spoons). They were fantastic, providing a rousing combination of blues, reggae and funk music. We are already planning another opportunity to hear these two talented men, maybe at the July 16th BioParkSummer Concert Series (yes, that's a shout out).

The service at Calico Cantina Cafe was great (Kevin was our waiter), the food was tasty, and the drinks were sometimes slow to arrive but worth waiting for. The crowd seemed to be a mixture of locals and blues fans. I was there with 4 girlfriends; we passed by the dessert case on our way to the patio and didn't even pause, but it was not easy. Everything in that case looked homemade-yummy. We will be going back again...soon.

The Cafe's food was tasty, the outdoor ambiance couldn't be beat, the music was A-list, the crowd was friendly, and the prices during Happy Hour were excellent; maybe this North Valley CCC isn't a bad place for the unemployed after all. And considering today's economy, having a CCC just around the corner could be a boon for all of us.

I was enchanted.

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