Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pueblo Harvest Cafe & Bakery, Albuquerque, NM

The night couldn't have been more perfect. It was warm enough to sit in shirt sleeves but just cool enough that the crackling fire behind our table provided a soothing warmth. Located within the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, the Pueblo Harvest Cafe &  Bakery serves breakfast and lunch on Sunday and Monday, but expands to include dinner service for the remainder of the week. With the fresh air of patio dining, also featuring live music for entertainment, I think the Cafe is destined to become one of my favorite places.

There is over 1000 sf of dining area on the main floor, and another 1000 sf of private dining room space upstairs, Pueblo Harvest Cafe can accomodate any size party.

Last night we gathered to celebrate several birthdays as we enjoyed the casual ambiance on the outdoor patio. And we weren't the only group who chose the Cafe for their birthday celebration, there were at least two other groups of 10 -15 that also celebrated last night. The entertainment was phenomonal, with Hillary Smith's amazing vocals rocking the house for several hours.

The food was good (we had the amazing appetizer nachos) and reasonably priced. Others had various main courses and everyone raved about their selections. Some in our party tried the Green Chili Beer and found it 'interesting'. Let's just say she didn't order a second of the same variety, having satisfied her curiosity with the first.

In the words of the Cafe management: "Our Native-Fusion cuisine is inspired by the traditions and ingredients cultivated by our ancestors. We bring to the table, 25 years of experience and we are enthusiastic about crafting delicious food that will bring diners back to us again and again.”

There was a selection of bakery goods that looked irresistable, but somehow we resisted. Next time I doubt we will have as much control.

My friends and I  wandered over to the Gift Shop, which was closing before 6 PM, so we were disappointed and saved our dollars. They might consider leaving the Gift Shop open a bit later when someone like Hillary Smith is going to be there and a crowd can be expected.

All in all, it was a lovely night with good folks, great music, bubbly drinks and a comfortably classy but affordable venue. I would recommend the Pueblo Harvest Cafe to anyone, and will also add that if you have a chance to see Hillary Smith live - do it! She's amazing, as were the musicians behind her.

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